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"The Reading Brain, Fluency & Instruction with virtual guest, Dr. Maryanne Wolf" 1/4/24 Hartford, CT

Updated: Jan 11

Educators, parents and community members came together to learn about the fascinating reading brain and fluency from our special virtual guest, the one and only--Dr. Maryanne Wolf! Dr. Maryanne Wolf is a cognitive neuroscientist known all over the world for her research on the reading brain, dyslexia and fluency. Watch the video of her presentation to a CT audience on 1/4/24 to learn more! Thank you so much to all who participated in the presentation and to all who helped make this happen when I practiced the art of “asking”. As we encourage our students to push themselves when learning hard things and work with them on necessary self-advocacy skills, we must follow our own advice and go outside of our comfort zone. Last night I was sitting in one of my favorite spots, my Orton Gillingham once a month "Certified II" class, and my mentor, Theresa Collins, reiterated this powerful advocacy lesson by referencing a book written by Amanda Palmer ("The Art of Asking, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help"). While I have not read the book, it is now be on my list to check out! As they say, "Practice What You Preach", or, as I'm a sports nut/avid pickleball player, this phrase fits more into my lexicon, "Go Big or Go Home!"

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